Cisco announced a new certification roadmap

Program Update: Cisco announced a new certification roadmap to review exams on a regular, rotating schedule. Cisco Press is committed to providing the highest quality materials to help you prepare for test day success. With this new exam review cadence, Cisco Press will evaluate and update Official Cert Guides and other certification titles annually, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date learning resources for your exam preparation.
➔ For the latest information on Cisco certification exams, please review the Cisco Certification Roadmap on Cisco Learning Network. ➔ See how Cisco Press products map to the new exam reviews and revisions.
Cisco’s roadmap explains exactly how the exam review process works:
  1. Cisco reviews each technology on the same quarterly schedule each year to make sure exams align with the latest Cisco technologies.
  2. Cisco announces blueprint changes 3-6 months in advance along with revised exam topics and release notes.
    • Cisco Press announces product update plans for related Official Cert Guide and exam prep materials.
  3. Cisco publishes the updated exam 3-6 months after the exam blueprint publication.
    • Cisco Press publishes updated Official Cert Guide and exam prep materials, if needed, following the Cisco exam update release.