Our Vision,Mission & Values

  • We, softtech, believe that our growth is the derivative of the growth of each one of us. It is the duty of each one of us to espouse and give active effect to the values, motives and beliefs we state here


    Soft tech is People

      We have positive regard for each one of us

      We will foster career building by creating opportunities that demand learning, thinking and innovation from each one of u

      We expect each of us to contribute to the process of organisation building and thus derive pride, loyalty and emotional ownership

      We recognise the necessity of making mistakes and risk-taking when it contributes to the learning, innovation and growth of each one of us.

    Soft tech is quality and value

    Each of us will ensure that in any association with society, society benefits substantially more than:

    (a)     What society gives to us

    (b)     What society would gain from any other similar association

      We will meet any and every commitment made to society irrespective of any cost that may have to be incurred.

      We will ensure our profitability, long-term growth and financial stability, through the process of delivering the best, being seen as the best and being the best.

      We will be fair in all our dealings and promote high standards of business ethics.


  • We will grow in the recognition and respect we command, through pioneering and leading in the effective deployment of technology and know-how we will seek to play a key role in the directions and deployment of technology and know-how for the benefit of mankind.


    • Belief in people
    • Pursuit of excellence
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Customer orientation